"My vision is to fulfill your wildest dreams, keeping in mind & totally taking into account your desires and circumstances, by maintaining a precise, elegant and tailor-made design for you." 



Danielle Kaplan is an Architectural and Interior Design Engineer and is a graduate of Ariel University. She owns a unique boutique office, specializing in the planning and designing of apartments, private homes, luxury apartments, contractor apartments, apartments undergoing change (TAMA 38) and business & commercial spaces.


Danielle leads and accompanies her clients hand in hand throughout the entire process - From the permit stage, through the planning and design concept stage, execution of building plans, digitial image simulation, carpentry planning, selection of finishing materials, lighting and supervision on the field, to the final purchase of furniture, accessories and final styling.


Throughout the entire process, Danielle's clients are exposed to a wide range of unique and inspiring options and solutions at the practical and design level, whilst she remains considerate of their needs and circumstances in order to achieve the best, most accurate and optimal results for them.




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